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An update on chains. We have written to NPWS and John Barlilaro MP  seeking a meeting in an attempt to clarify chain laws. 2016 presented many problems with the Thredbo  road being classified as a snow ice  risk road but never publicised that fact and caught many by surprise and caused major problems. This is a difficult law as the staus can change each day or part day when chains will be required but there is no adequate warning when the staus of the road changes. 

2016 also saw many vehicles  unable to be fitted with chains and resulted in major issues in finding alternate means of getting to the resorts.

European, Canadian and US require chains meet specific recognised standards but no such requirement exists in NSW. I have raised legal issues with the NPWS over this disparity in order to avoid legal conflict.

We will keep trying to consult with the respective authorities to try and resolve some issues and will keep you informed.

Best to give Keith a call on 1800 188 887 to sort out any problems er email villageski@bigpond.com.


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Diamond Ladder K-Summit Autosock